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  Super-frozen Tuna – Processing Procedure
● Ocean fishing (Ocean fishing under international quota, enabling to balance the total catch quantity with the continuous catchable quantity).
● Super-frozen processing: bleeding, to the gills, gutted, will get rid of the parts that likely to become corrupted and keep the fish fresh, thus will not only maintain the protein, fatty acids, iron and DHA, EPA in fish, while making the fish more delicious, no fishy smell.
● Super-frozen (-60 ℃ quick frozen, so that living cell membrane in fish meat will be kept from damage, and meat be kept  fresh)
● Super-frozen shipping (-60 ℃transport process remains the state of 60 degrees below zero, so that fresh fish can be sent to the shore)
● Super-frozen cutting in the processing base(-60 ℃ meat inspection, grading, processing and cutting with advanced cutting equipment )
● Super-frozen logistics (maintain super-frozen state of-60 ℃ in every aspect of logistics to keep perfect freshness)
● Specialized counters and stores

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