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Company Profile

Zhejiang Ocean Family Co., Ltd.was invested and held by the well known Wanxiang Sannong Group Co., Ltd. 
Today it owns three fishing fleets: namely 18 super frozen long line tuna fishing vessels; 4 large-scale tuna purse seining vessels; 9 squid fishing vessels. Its annual catching of tuna and squids etc ranges from 40,000 to 50,000 tons.It has also built up three large-scale seafood processing bases: Namely a super frozen tuna processing and logistic base in Beilun Free Trade Zone; A canned tuna and FD food processing base in Xikou, Fenghua; The annual production capacity of these two bases of tuna raw materials reaches 100,000 tons. And another assorted food processing and domestic logistic base in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. 
All these three processing bases have implemented quality and safety management systems such as HACCP, ISO and etc., established the whole-chain tracking system and got the certifications from US and EU.

The company has gained rapid growth since it started to exploit the domestic market by the end of 2011. To now, it has launched a number of effective ways of home market sales, such as specialty counters in high-end supermarkets, brand stores, wholesale outlets, direct supply to restaurant chains and supermarket purchasing groups, and on-line sales, supermarket chain and direct supply to catering terminals etc. Its marketing network has gradually formed, the influence of the company’s brand is getting stronger, turnover and profit margin have been increasing by some 100% per annum. At the end of 2013, a joint-venture -- Zhejiang Daling Seafood Co., Ltd. was set up with Japan Mitsubishi Corporation, realizing the alliance between the two powerful parties, to supplement each other’s superiorities and to develop Chinese home market together.
The company has gradually formed its business model which is “managing professionally, operating internationally, combining ocean fishing, seafood processing and trading, connecting upstream and downstream of its business”. In 2016, the total sales revenue reaches 2.635 billion RMB and the foreign exchange earnings reach 205 million USDAnd the companys overall economic efficiency leads the industry in the country.

The company will continue to base on ocean fisheries and seafood processing as a core, to develop sales and distribution of seafood in its domestic market, to optimize its production/supply chain, and to provide more safe, reassuring, healthy and tasty seafood to consumers both at home and abroad.

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